Milkshakes With Meat






Never drink a smoothie with meat. Smoothie is with egg and fruit. If you want you can add milk to it and have other kinds of milkshakes smoothies, but it's not good to have with meat. 

It's not a good idea because you'll start turning the protein into a pyruvate, which is a protein sugar, and you'll burn it rather than use it to regenerate cells. So, you won't reversing the aging process, you're just giving yourself a lot more fuel. 

No, I'm saying the terminology smoothie means fruit in it. Milkshake means no fruit in it. Yes, you can have it with meat if you have a very good digestive system. Like if you have any indigestion or you go too long without hunger, after eating a milkshake with a meat meal, then don't have them together or have less of the milkshake. 

I can't mix a milkshake and meat together and digest it very well. 

Tomato is always good with meat. Tomatoes an acid, so it doesn't interfere with the intestinal bacteria, the acid bacteria. So, it's always beneficial, however if you're eating zucchini and to cucumber, they can over alkalinize, so you shouldn't have too much. You're getting the ads. 

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