Milkshakes Vs Eggs Alone







You can put on lots of weight that way. See it takes milk 6 - 10 hours to digest. So once you put it into the milk, it slows everything down. I make sure I digest it within 27 minutes because I will break the egg and I suck out the egg white, I dent the end without putting a hole in it, the fatter end and then the narrow end, I'll punch the hole in it and I'll hold it down like this and I'll suck it gently. Only the egg white comes out first and then the egg whites digests very rapidly cuz it isn't fat. You're have to have the bile, takes longer for bile of work on it.

We don't need any hydrochloric acid for the egg white cuz it's already liquid. All we need to do is get the bacteria working, so I keep the egg white in my mouth until it's completely water and I know it's full of bacteria. And then I swallow it and then the egg yolk will go last. And of course the, your body kind of layers things as it goes in.

It kind of layers itself, so it moves that way. So, the yolk comes in behind and the yolk will digests much faster by itself too, as well as the egg white will.


Is it okay to leave the umbilical cord out of the egg? Can you not eat that?


Sure. . Just good protein. That's probably the only thing in it that has stem cells and you want to get rid of them, but that's okay.

I'll take 'em. You collect them and send them to me.

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Can't you get rapid weight loss from eggs?


Yes you can.

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