Milkshakes Can't Digest







The milkshakes that I'm taking twice a day, after six months now I'm finding the one at night, I can't digest it.


Too much? Don't have it. Just down 3 or 4 eggs.


Why is that? That all the stuff that seems like I can't digest it?


Well, you probably have had reached a level where it's just too much dairy for you with everything else you're eating. Now the Fulani tribe, they live 90% on raw dairy. that's almost all they eat. They'll maybe eat a cooked meat meal or a raw meat meal about once every three weeks. What did they do?

The more cows they have, the richer they are, the greater their wealth.

But they don't have any problems, they never get sick of milk because that's their diet, but on this diet you're eating meats and all the other substances. You don't need that same, inundation of dairy, but it's very helpful at first to do that.

But if you start sucking down eggs at night, maybe chase it with a little honey and butter. You'll find yourself much more hungry.

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