Milkshakes - Aajonus Looks Skinny, but He's Not



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Well, if you want some milkshake, but I want you eating eggs alone at night.


And milkshake would be?


Milkshake is milk,, honey and, eggs. What I tell people to do, so they're not eating too much food or if they very skinny and they need to gain a lot of weight.

To me, skinny is my size, but I'm not really skinny. I'm 21% body fat. And let's see, he's probably 22% body fat. He's only 1% more of than I. Why don't I look it? Why do I look like somebody, an athlete who has 10%? Because fat molecules, when they are raw are very tiny

Molecules that have been cooked swell 10 to 50 times their normal size. I've been eating raw foods, no cooked fats since 1972. So, all of the fat in my body, takes 40 years, all of the fat in my body is new raw molecules, tiny. So, I'm fat, I just don't look it.

And that's the way you get to be if you go on this diet. I've got women that have been on the diet 17, 18 years. They're 27% body fat, but they're slender. That's what all women dream of and you can have it on this diet. You just have to be patient. You know, it takes 12, 17 years. You'll never looked fat again, but yet you have all the fat to be calm and happy.

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