Milk and Honey With Meat Meal

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What I'm doing is I'm mixing honey and butter with my groundmeat and I'm eating really sweet. I like it that way. I like sweet stuff.


How much honey are you using per meat meal?


Mm, well maybe I put like two spoons of butter and two spoons of honey.


Too much? If you have over a tablespoon of honey with a meat meal, it's alkalinizing. It's gonna neutralize your hydrochloric acid. So, you can't have more than a tablespoon of honey with a meat meat, and that's a level tablespoon, not a heaping. We're talking about a regularly measuring tablespoon.

A measuring tablespoon is larger than a regular serving spoon. Serving spoon is usually one and a half teaspoons, which is a half a tablespoon.


I have meat and milk.


Milk will also alkalinize. You can't have more than a half a cup of milk with a meat meal. Milk is alkalinizing as far as the relationship of calcium, phosphorous, magnesium and potassium to anything else. So, it will neutralize some of the hydrochloric acid.

If you have a highly acidic system, go ahead and have a cup of milk with it. If you have acid reflux, if you have trouble with over acidity, then a little bit more honey, a little bit more milk is fine. If you don't, you're going to spoil your digestion.


How long should you wait after the meat?


I wait, because of my hydrochloride acid problem, I wait a good hour before I'll drink a whole cup of milk. I may have 2 ounces 20 minutes after, I don't usually drink milk. Most people could drink 2 to 4 ounces with a meat meal, I don't because of the lack of hydrochloric acid in my stomach.

Most of you could probably wait 30, 35 minutes and have a cup. If you had half a cup with your meat meal, then have another half a cup, 30, 40 minutes later. Unless you're having your cheese at that time, cheese with honey. Then you don't want too much milk with cheese and honey.





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