Milk and Blood - Growth Hormones


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Yes. As long as milk is unrefrigerated and straight from the animal and you drink it, the growth hormone factors are not altered 

Once it's refrigerated, it does the same thing.  

Well, you could have the milk and the blood together mixed and sitting for days and it would still be active as long as you don't refrigerate it or the temperature doesn't fall and drop it below about 70°. 

It obviously doesn't work all that well for very long because the Messai don't like doing it. They do it three months a year when the calves are suckling from the cows, so they don't have enough milk. So, what they do is they bleed a bull and they mix half blood and half milk, but as soon as the calves are not suckling anymore, they stop eating the blood and go right back to the milk. 


You suggest leaving milk out for five hours?  


I leave mine out for 24 hours.  


Is the issue with fermentation or the temperature that you were talking about?  


If you drink cold milk, it contracts the stomach, you don't secrete hydrochloric. The milk moves into the duodenum and casein and lactase will get into the blood undigested. 


Regardless of how fermented it is? 


No, if it's already predigested, that's fine. So, you can take your predigested milk and put... 

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