Milk Okay With High meat - Coconut Cream With High Meat


food combining

high meat




It doesn't work as well. Coconut cream will destroy. Honey will destroy it too.

You can wash it down with milk.


You have to eat it as just honey. And then you rinse your mouth with milk and spit out the milk.

You've gotta meat as it is.


No, you can take the milk down a little bit. Alittle bit slower than digestion.

[Attendee #2]

If you rinse the chicken, does that make it no longer high chicken?


Well, you're not gonna have all the outer bacteria.

[Attendee #2]

That's a good way to work into it, right?


No, my thing is I've gotta be in an environment where I don't have people, that's the problem.

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