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That's detoxification. Like I said, milk is very high in minerals, especially calcium. And just like in the cheese, those minerals will draw the poisons out of the circulatory systems as they pass through the digestive tract.  

When they form with digestive acids, they can cause gases. 

So, what you might do is add a little bit more cream to your milk and that'll reduce the amount of gas. And a little bit more honey, or start eating honey with it too to help you digest it better. Then you can convert those gasses into a neutralized substance.  

Never drink milk cold, unless you've already made it into kefir or yogurt, then it's already predigested. Then you don't have to worry about it. If you drink cold milk, the cold milk goes into the stomach, causes the stomach to contract. It's cold, just like when you contract, and shiver. The stomach contracts, no hydrochloric acid is formed and dumps into the stomach, as long as that stomach is contracted, unless you're an Eskimo and used to it.  

They do, they'll immediately produce the hydrochloric acid, but we don't, they've been on raw foods all their lives too. So, the milk will go from the first part of the stomach to the second part, the duodenum to be absorbed without the casein, some of the milk protein, and the lactase, some of the milk sugar's being digested. They go right into the blood undigested and cause allergic reaction, even though you don't notice it, don't recognize it.  

So, if you want to drink cold milk to cool you during the summer, you make sure it's kefir or yogurt, already predigested, so then you can deal with that contracted stomach and then the milk's already digested by the time it gets into duodenum. 

So, there's no problem, but fresh milk, do not drink it cold, unless it's an ounce, ounce and a half of the time, just to cool your system a little bit, your body's gonna have that warm quickly before it goes into the duodenum. 


When you leave it in the refrigerator, you can just leave it out for a few hours? 


Usually five hours, take it out five hours before, unless you just want to put it in a bowl of hot water. Soon as it gets warm, you can drink it.  

No wonder you're having problems because if you don't digest the casein properly and the lactase, you're not gonna digest the minerals properly, cuz you're gonna use a lot of minerals to bind with those unadjusted nutrients, and you're gonna have joint problems cause it's going to cause mineral deficiencies. So, make sure it's kefir or yogurt before you drink it cold. 





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