Michael Jackson Vitiligo - Bone Disease

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It's always when you have that kind of vitiligo and there's no dry skin involved with it then what it is is that place on your body is removing bone, starting to eat your bone away to get the minerals, and that causes a heavy vitamin D absorption in that area. It doesn't mean you're not getting sun there, that means the body's absorbing any tan that you will get immediately, any light that comes in and transforms that fat into a vitamin D and absorbs it immediately, leaves that area white.

Because you've been on a good diet and you're eating cheese with some pineapple, then you are able to get enough minerals, so your body isn't eating your bone to do it.

I had it terribly when I had cancer of the blood and bone. I had spots that would just be white instantly, would never get sunshine, and that was because my bone was disintegrating cause of the cancer. But as soon as I was able to reverse the bone cancer, it stopped.


So, you're saying more cheese?


More cheese and if you have tendency to constipation, you need to eat butter with it. okay. Eat cheese before you eat anything, tablespoon before anything, whether it's, vegetable juice, milk, milkshake, meat meal. If it's a meat meal I suggest that you have it 10 minutes after the meat meal too.

And once a day you should eat honey with your cheese, only once a day. Honey with the cheese, otherwise it's there to absorb the toxic metals that are causing you to use the bone. The body only goes in and digests your own bone when there's too many toxins in the system and the body is going to use calcium and other minerals that are related to it to absorb the toxins.

That's why people with cancer, when their body starts dissolving, their body starts going into the bones to use all the calcium and minerals to bind with these heavy metals and toxins that are the problem, and then people die.

If they're eating heavy amounts of cheese and butter they will keep absorbing those toxins. So, the body won't have to borrow from the bones, it won't have to eat itself. And when you eat cheese without honey, the cheese won't be absorbed, but it'll draw the poisons out of the fluid systems, the lymph, the blood and the neurological systems as they pass through the intestines and stomach.

So, the cheese will absorb it as long as there's no honey directly with it. You can add cheese in foods that are already mixed with honey, and it won't cause to that problem, but you can be assured that it will not digest if you eat 10 minutes before everything, and then with the meat meal, 10 minutes after. And with the meat meal, you might want to eat some cheese with honey, like a tablespoon of cheese and a tablespoon of honey with your meat meat.

And that should correct it in about six months or less.





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