Metal Jar Lids Are Bad

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You're getting food in plastic, get it out of the plastic immediately and put it in glass.


What about the metal lids?


Put it lid that, that lid that's a Kerr lid, it's been schlacked. That's getting into your food. You get the ball jars that have enamel, that are enameled.

Now, see James Stewart of Rawsome, I said, "Get the ball jars". And he said, "I called Kerr, and they said that it is the same thing". Hello? One is enamel and the other is schlacke metal. You have to go to James and tell him, I can't because he doesn't listen to jar is okay.

The glass jar is great, it's the lid that's the problem.


Oh, so the Kerr lids are schlacked and no good?




Where can you buy these where they're not schlacked.


Ball jar lids, they're enamel.


They're white.


Yeah, they're white. That's enamel, fired on enamel?


I have ball jar ones.


Not with that color. Not at all. All ball jar lids are all. Kerr, none of theirs are enamel.


So, what happens if you use schlacke jar lids?


You're gonna get schlacke toxins in your food.

And you have to talk James into using ball jar lids. And if he says they're the same, I called Kerr, say, "How can enameled be the same as schlacke metal? How James? How can it be?

So, you guys have to tell him, I've told him three times. You have to demand it, it's your food.


What's it called?


Ball jar lid.

B A L L.





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