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Not necessarily, usually that kind of pain, what usually happens when they perform a surgery on someone who has a spine injury, and any kind of surgery, they'll use Merthiolate, mercurochrome or iodine, as an antiseptic. Mercurochrome and Merthiolate are all liquid mercury, very poisonous. So, they coat that area, causes severe toxicity in that area, causing pain, causes swelling, doctors who use that are very ignorant. 

They just don't observe what's happening over the long run. Iodine does the same thing. Iodine's a little bit more accurate and it milks around the tissue and cause more adhesions by acidity. Whereas the mercury will just poison cells and cause toxicity that way, either way they're both harmful. 

And that's usually the problem in that situation. Eating berries with cream and butter, coconut cream is the best. Blueberries, blackberries, raspberries, boysenberries, anything strawberries, not so much. It will help remove the metal poisonings like the mercury and the iodine and then the fats will help dissolve it also and bind with it.  

Coconut cream is the best. You take coconut cream after juicing it, when you put it on metal, you'll see. Within 24 hours, 48 hours, it eats the metal away and turns black. So, coconut cream is a lot better to remove metals. Usually what that creates is the same reactions he's having already with your panic attacks, severe depression and suicidal tendencies, even homicidal tendencies. 


Is there anything that can help him be free of pain? 


Well, if the pain is causing the swelling locally, no. What he has to do is apply a hot water bottle in the area., so that everything will expand. When you have those poisons in there, it causes a burning of the surrounding tissues. So, there's always tension. 

It's like, I, you know, and when that poisons, irritating the nerve tissue, it will constantly cause a contraction in that area that minimizes the blood to the area. But yet the blood is trying to pump in there. And then what happens is the nerves get swollen in a tight area. It's just like the brain; you get a headache. 

That's from swelling in the brain and your skull is not expanding along with it. So, if you apply a hot water bottle on three sides while you're lying, when you do. That will allow the connective tissue to the fishers to expand. So, the whole brain can expand so that the swelling in the brain doesn't cause pressure on the nerves and cause the headaches usually hot water bottles on three sides, we'll reduce the headaches by about 80%. 

Then you take the pain formula, usually gets rid of it. So, you start moving again, as long as you're sedentary and still it's good. You can't give me too many parts too. If you give me too many parts to the question, I can't answer it every day. 

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