Mercury and Aluminum - Dry Mouth





dry mouth



Well, the aluminum, it takes 2000 fat cells or about 1000 white blood cells to harness, and address that.  

How many do you think can surround one molecule? Not much. So, it all dries out. All the fats in here are very minimal, you can keep fats everywhere in your body, but it isn't easy to keep that in the face. 

There are some people that can, but they get up to 250, 300 pounds before they get a lot of excess weight in the face. You cannot have that much fat in your face to deal with that much poisons. So, you're going to have dryness, you're going to have dry mouth for 40 years, dry mouth is not dehydration. 

That's the minerals coming out and using all the fats in your face, and surrounding area. That leaves the mouth dry.  

That's why I say honey, and butter in your mouth, let that stay in there, let the fat reabsorb, and you'll say, oh gosh, I didn't drink any water, and I don't have dry mouth, and I don't feel dehydrated. 

It's got nothing to do with dehydration. It's delipidization in here. That's a very bad thing because you got the greatest amount of the most toxic poisons in your brain, and you've got the least amount of fat in your brain. 

That's why there's so many stupid youth. 




Voted for bush *Laughs*. 


If anyone wants to order brain from the buffalo, just let me know. 


I just ate rotten buffalo brain. Let it go really ripe, didn't refrigerate it and let it get really nasty. 

[Attendee #2] 

Swallowed it? 


Blended it with milk, and honey.  

[Attendee #3] 

But its not cheap. 


Oh, it's expensive. 

It's about $35 for a half a brain. 

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