Mercury In Vaccines and Fish

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That only happens, you know, high polluted societies and chemicals.

So the Pharmaceutical industry and other industry and the government.

Let me tell you the governments are all bodies of the industry of all sorts, they are protecting themselves.

This whole hyporbole about so much mercury toxicity in fish is our problem.

What they are doing is throwing the blame off for mercury from fish.

They want to distract you.

The greatest mercury poisoning which would take you forty years of eating fish to contaminate yourself what they do with one vaccine with Thimerosal.

One vaccine will give you 40 years of the contamination of eating fish, cooked fish.


Any vaccine?


Any vaccine, that has thimerosal in it and that's 80% of all the vaccines.


More kids are getting autism, like my nephews daughter-


700-800% more.


1997 nineteen 97 they found that most kids have been getting autism, since 1997.


A lot more than that. They've been studying this 30 years.


Aren't they getting away from thimerisol and things like that?


They're lying, they're lying.

Well, first of all, the government the FDA gave them five years to phase out because they had billions of dollars or vaccine stored in their vaults.

So it's OK to go ahead and poison the children for five years because the problem pharmaceutical houses will lose money.

So that's basically where that went. The new drugs that they're saying are very low in thimerosol.

Anyway, it's still in there.

Another company and I had some of the vaccines tested and they were very little reduction





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