Mercury In Kidney Stones


bladder stones




After I had the stone taken, I said to my doctor, "Now I want some of that fluid that you have after breaking that soup, I wanted to analyze it". He said, "Oh, we'll analyze everything". And I said, "Okay". So, I got an analysis back that I had no tumors, no cancer. I said, "What about what the stone was made of?"

That's what I want to know what that was. "Oh, well, we didn't have that examined." I simply then give me the fricking stuff so I can examine it myself. So, I examined and it was one quarter, 25% mercury. 25% mercury, and it was a liquid mercury from vaccines. Only can come from vaccines in that form.

See, they're not gonna test for the important things. What caused that stone? Of what was that stone made? No, zeolites wishful thinking again.

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