Mercury In Fish (2)

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Each of the animals, like we had like five times in that 24-hour period, and then three days after we had examined everything. And the amount of mercury that was in the fish before cooked and everything, just the concentration of different parts of the tissue, was all put together and divided and then equally that was shared among all the animals in that 24 hour period.

And then the feces and urine was collected to measure the amount of mercury in the feces and urine. And in the ones who ate it raw, it was 96% - 98% discharge from the urine and feces. The fat molecules that held the mercury in suspension were relatively undigested.

So, the body can identify and pass it right through. But then the animals who ate the cooked swordfish, only 8% came out, at worst than 12%. So, 8% - 12%. Only 8% - 12% came out of their bodies. So, all that rest of that mercury was poisoning.

As long as you eat the fish raw, you're not gonna get, probably that other 4% to 8% was discharged through perspiration and right out through the skin. And that's all common sense that that. So, there was no evidence that stored the body when you eat it raw, lots of evidence against of it stored.

Of course, we didn't scrape the skin to find out cause the cats and dogs had too much hair.





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