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Yeah, that's not necessarily true. I eat mainly tuna and swordfish, which are the highest in mercury, but they're oceans fish. The oceans are only polluted 4% to 8%, depending upon the location. Fresh fish, those waters are polluted 35% to 40%.

The medical profession and the pharmaceutical industry is detracting. They're saying that your mercury poison is from your fish. it is not, it's from medical injections. You got mercury in almost all your vaccines. The level of mercury is astounding. You'd have to eat cooked tuna every day for two years to get the amount of mercury that you get in one injection, Think about that.

Everything you hear from the medical profession is 99% Just the opposite.

That is true in fresh lakes, but not in the ocean. The ocean is so vast, but you have to figure it's up to 8% in some areas, that's quite a bit when you figure two thirds of the planet is ocean.


But you once said that eating the raw too actually pulls the mercury out of your body.


That is rather theoretical, but in the tests that I did with animals on eating tuna, I got a fisherman to give a swordfish in the Santa Barbara area cuz I didn't want to contaminate with anything else. I wanted to make sure that it went my butcher block to the animals, without any chemicals from a fishing boat or a store or anything like that using chlorine, Clorox, antibacterials, anything.

So, took this big swordfish a 90 pound swordfish, I cooked it for half of the animals and fed it raw to the other half, kept their feces and urine for the entire time, the two weeks, almost 12 days, it took for everybody to all the group, including me to eat it. And I kept all my urine and feces, had it all checked at the end and in the animals that ate cooked swordfish, only about 8% to 12% of the mercury was found in the feces and urine. All the animals, including myself that ate it raw, 92% was in the feces and urine.

So, that mercury passed right through the body. The body knows, it's intelligent. The swordfish's body already knew that was a dangerous thing and isolated and it to the fat within that animal. When my body took it in raw, it could identify that and say we won't digest that molecule because in those molecules, when we looked at the fat molecules that contained the mercury, the fat cells were relatively unetched with digestive juices.

See, the body can be highly intelligent when you don't disrupt it with cooking. When you cook the fish, it fractionate all of the bonds of fats and everything, and it releases all the contaminants. So, your body, your digestive tract has to deal with all of that. Oh, and when I got those shots, all of the muscle left all my pectorals, all of my arms, my arms were this thin within two weeks.

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