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Now, as an experiment, I stopped eating swordfish for a year to see if my mercury levels would drop. I'm still at a 4.9.  


Is that good?  


No, 4.9 is bad. You're supposed to have 0.01. I got a 4.8 - 4.9. What I did was I had seven analyses done just to measure different sides of my scalp, parts of my scalp, to see where there was the most mercury.  

Of course, back here, and here were the most mercury and the sides in the back, up on top there was lower amounts of mercury, but back here, around here, head up to a 5.1 and up on top as low as a 4.6.  

So, mercury, just remember every vaccine that you've ever gotten, there was 76 zillion molecules of mercury 76 zillion molecules of mercury. Did anybody count that? Nobody could count that in their whole lifetime, could not count to 76 zillion.  


Zillion's not a number. 


That's right. That's why I used to say 760,000 thousand trillion molecules of mercury is 76 billion, but you can find zillion in a dictionary. 


But it means a lot! 


Yes, but it means beyond a million. 


What's the best way to get mercury out? 


Cilantro, dark berries, any kind of squash juice, coconut cream. Coconut cream dissolves it quicker and better than anything else. Cheese, cilantro, berries help remove it from the body.  


So, your levels are much higher because you've been on the diet a long time. 


Yeah. That's right, but you have to understand each vaccine has that many molecules of mercury, it will take five lifetimes to get rid of all of it, and my body discards it 5% at a time, at all times, never goes above a 5. 2. So, that's safe for me, for somebody else a 2.1 could be bad. But for me, I can tolerate up to a 5.2 without symptoms.  

Chlorella helpful to remove it also. Chlorella's not digestible, chlorella is an algae. 

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