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5% of the people it contaminates. A good way to get mercury out of the body is by eating cilantro, about 10% of your juice. Cilantro is a good metal absorber, especially mercury, eating raw fish to tie natural mercury like swordfish. 

See with the plankton, which they eat, which naturally is high in mercury, handles and makes mercury a living substance, which is beneficial. 

It helps the buoyancy for like the swordfish. All those animals are very buoyant, even the dolphins because they have high mercury content, but it's organic, bioactive mercury. Once you cook it, you cauterized it, it's a free radical, and it's a toxin. So, as long as you don't cook your fish, it's a very beneficial mercury. 

It won't help you be buoyant because mostly it will be used to pull poison mercury's out of your system. 

Mercury's, there are three forms of mercury, there's organic, there's inorganic and vapor mercury. The vapor will crystal, say like you had mercury fillings, amalgam fillings. They're 50% mercury. They let off a gas every time you're chewing on something that's acidic, that gas crystallizes in your system as it's absorbed, the lungs and into the stomach, into the tissue and crystallizes. So, it leaves little particles of mercury here and there throughout the system. The mercury is injected into the body. It's not like that. You've seen mercury where you put it down, you know, beads are mercury. They'll just crawl and find each other. 

That's the way it reacts in the body when it's injected in the body. So, you have these massive mercury deposits in the brain. That's happens in the brain of children with autism or death. 

No, he asked, when you use lemon or lime with the fish, does that make it a toxic mercury. No, it is not. It's like the digestive juices in the stomach. It starts taking the parts apart, but it doesn't cauterize it. It doesn't warp them. 

If there's many Mercuries to be bioactive, you'll have fish tissue with it. 

Um, let me finish the thing about the mercury. When the plankton eats the mercury. Just like any plant can take strychnine, led to be very healthy with a trace amount of it because it's taking the minerals from the earth and strychnine, mercury are all minerals from the earth. Well from the ocean that's y'know, earth in general, not soil. It takes those substances and makes them useful within a system. and it can do it with a certain level and plankton is very good at utilizing mercury and making it useful to living creatures. So, the other creatures that feed on plankton and the other creatures that feed on the animals that feed on the plankton get high levels of organic mercury, makes them very buoyant. 

They're much more in the ocean than they could without the mercury. Once you take that mercury, and once you take that meat from the creatures who have that mercury and you cook it, you completely fractionate all the life. It's like I come in here and I blast you with either, um, you know, some kind of acid, caustic acid that's not a vegetable or I take a big flame blower, I melt you guys. Okay. Basically, all of the ability to maintain a light form is gone. You eliminate everything that causes that interaction to make this whole system full and mobile and active. So then those little trace amounts of mercury then are poison. 

If you come into contact with or eat them, then they are poisoning the system. They are free radicals, like I talked about the proton being separated from the neutrons and it'll bombard and split and slice as when mercury does, when it's not organically bioactive. 

Oh, yes. Metal poisoning has gone into probably the nerves and the joint and all the connective tissue, so they're constantly irritated. The problem I find with it on this diet, even on this diet is that that's probably one of the hardest to reverse because I need to put them in the stage and it almost gets them into lupus and they either go into lupus or they don't. And I've had 3 clients go into lupus and it's hell.  

You know, you need to get lots of fat on their connective tissues. That's cream and butter, get in there and absorb the fat. Whether they make it through with that kind of poison is very difficult to judge.  


So, the raw fat is absorbing the cooked fat, is that what you mean by absorbing the fat? 


Well, the fats absorb the toxic metals from the chelation therapy. 


People who've had a bypass to clean up the artery and the veins. They claim that it goes out through the kidneys.  


People who are not on this diet, 90% of the people I know who've gotten chelation therapy. First person I met who got chelation therapy was in 1971. That was when they first started chelation therapy, 90% of them had died. Without being on this diet. I've had 4 people who had 30 to 50 chelation treatments who died. 

Well, they didn't stick strictly because one person in Sacramento. Somebody frightened them, some vegetarian, fighting them into saying that no, he's going to store the fats again in his arteries. so he stopped doing the diet for about three months and he died in that time, and I talked to his wife and she said that when he was on your diet did so well and then when he got afraid, somebody scared him. About a year and a half after starting the diet scared him to stop eating all that fat. 

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