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I was just wondering what you would say are the most important nutritional factors for mental focus and maintaining a good mental wellbeing.


Raw eggs and raw fish and raw chicken.

Those are what I used to keep on, and in a pinch an egg will do it. But I could eat eggs all day long and without eating any fish or, or beef or any kind of flesh food, and then I would find that I still had more difficulty recalling.

Just remember, I was autistic. My short term memory was like this, took me 8 years of hearing things over and over again to be able to start mimicking them, and then I didn't do it well.

I was probably 10 years old before I was able to mimic well, and then I mimic what was around me. Shut up, sit down your an idiot, you're stupid. So, I'd take that to the other kids and teachers in class, and of course I was always being disciplined cuz I was a smart ass. Who knew?

So, those particular foods are the most important for clarity.

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