Menopause and Vaginal Dryness




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Since menopause, I've had a lot of vaginal dryness. Do you have recommendations?


You know, I've always wondered what does menopause mean? That's such a funny word. You've had a lot of dryness. Like I said, in the first book, menopause is not the cessation normally in healthy people. It's not the cessation of hormonal production.

But because we're on such bad diets, and we poisoned the system when the body tries to make the change over, it can't do it. So, in trying to make the change over, it gets exhausted, and then it stops creating the hormones. That's only because you're not getting the right fats and proteins together. So, anytime you wanna make sure that you're generating hormones, you have to eat butter or eggs with meat.

Cream doesn't quite do it except for made the pituitary gland and made the pineal. But for all the other glands, it takes butter or egg with meat to generate hormones..


Can you use the lube formula?


Yes, absolutely. That's better.

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