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Do you have any remedy for a minor tear in the meniscus?  


Well, anytime you have a tear anywhere it's subcutaneous. So, applying anything that will help get fat into the area, deep into the tissue, so like putting butter or bone marrow on the area and then applying meat on top of that, and then like a damp cloth, cotton cloth or silk cloth on top of the meat to keep it from drying and then a piece of plastic over that, and then wrap that with ACE bandage. Keep it on not too tightly and then you take a hot water bottle. You put it in a pillow case. If you have just regular cotton pillow case, then you may put it in two of them if you have your hot water bottle up to, let's say 142°. It's pretty hot, it will burn the skin.  

Or if you use a flannel pillowcase, it only takes one and you put it inside and wrap it around. Then you put that near the meniscus and then wrap a towel around both the hot water bottle and your leg or ankle foot, and that tents the heat into that area while you sleep. 

And if you wrap the hot water bottle in a pillow case, especially a flannel, it will keep it hot 2 - 3 hours longer. So, you can go 7 - 8 hours without cooling. So, you can have the benefit of a hot water bottle in that area for that many hours. If you don't, the hot water bottle will broadcast its heat throughout the entire bed under the covers, and of course that will lessen the heat sooner in time, like maybe 2 - 3 hours, maybe 3.5 hours it won't be hot.  

But if you wrap it in a flannel pillow case, it will stay warm for 6 - 7 hours.  


And how, how many days? 


Every day until that- it usually takes about 10 weeks for meniscus to mend properly on a good diet.  

[Attendee #2] 

What if somebody's in a lot of pain with the meniscus?  


Same thing. The heat will take care of it and plenty of cheese and butter, lube formula. 

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