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What happens is the sinuses start sagging, especially in men. Women, they have the menstrual discharge, they have 20% more fat in their bodies, so they absorb more heavy metals, they have less toxicity in their brains and in their sinuses, they discharge from the brain to their sinuses.

So, because women have that fat, and we don't, men's sinuses are more abused with heavy metals. So, you start sagging, and when that happens at night, lying on your back, it's sags right on over your wind. So, it creates snoring cause you can't breathe through your nose properly. So, you start breathing through your mouth and the sagging is so pronounced even through the throat that it causes snoring.

So, the only thing you can do is sit up and then you're gonna have occasional snort, but it won't be constant snoring. Sleep on an angle, but you're still, you're going to have a slope as long as you're not straight up. So, you can reduce the snoring, but you can't stop it until all those sinuses are rebuilt, if they can in your lifetime.


You said it's good though?


Oh, it's wonderful to have mucus cause that shows you're discharging it. You don't have mucus, you can't discharge it, it'll stay in the sinuses.

Then you lose your sense smell, sense of taste.

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