Melatonin Supplements Are All Toxic

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Melatonin, all of them are chemicals. There is no such thing as a natural supplement. It has to be heat or solvent extracted always, no other way about it. If you want a substance like that, you've taken it into a rock form. Feed it to your plant, take those supplements and feed it to a plant that you're going to eat from.

You're gonna juice the plant juice, juice the leaves, then you're gonna get a phenomenal amount that you'll be able to utilize, and won't cause a collection of toxicity in your body.


Even like standard process?


Even standard process, it's all bullshit. They say, "Well, we told the laboratory", but the laboratory's gonna make the products and it's gonna do things that it may not tell you exactly how it is, does it. And they say, "Oh, well, it's our patented way of doing it". But let me tell you, I've been in all those laboratories and every one of them uses chemical. And usually benzene a derivative of benzene is universally used in all laboratories to extract nutrients.

And you have to understand if they want those finite nutrients and there are very little of them in a food. Where are they gonna get it all? They're gonna process all this food and have all this waste product, not going to happen. Just like vitamin E, 99.9% of vitamin E comes from Fuji and Kodak. It's not even a vitamin E truly.

They paid their scientists millions of dollars to come up with a way to take care of their development fluid waste. One scientist who was very, very bright realized it was 70% of the structure of vitamin E, D alpha-tocopherol, 70% like it. Not like it, but 70%, like it in molecular structure. So, he convinced everybody to sell it as vitamin E. So, when you get a natural vitamin E supplement, let's say you've got a hundred units of vitamin E and that's in that capsule.

5% of it's going to be from soy or corn. The other 95% is going to be from Kodak and Fuji, which is a toxic solvent. It. Saves them hundreds of million dollars a year in storing that chemical. So, they just combine it with oil and call it vitamin D.

So, no supplements are safe and good. They will poison you and give you highs. They will contaminate you and cause adrenaline rush and make you feel like you're good, but so does cocaine. That doesn't mean it's healthy. You'll get rid of symptoms, but that doesn't mean you're getting better. That doesn't mean you're getting well. That doesn't mean you're getting rid of your disease.

Sometimes it will stop the disease because the body has to use all of its nutrients just to handle the poison. If you want a short life, hell, it's the way to go for some people, and that's okay. I have no judgment about it, but if you wanna have a chance on longevity without disease, it's not the way to go.





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