Another thing. If you're an expert in biochemical processes in our bodies, do you take into consideration other metaphysical stuff like chakra system and bio-power and other things that contributes to the healing as well?


If a person does yoga, it usually resolves all of that. If you're eating a good diet and doing yoga, usually your body stays stretched. Usually it's a flow to those centers.

I have a lot of people who are in different modes of meditation and they can't reach those, and they've tried for years and decades to reach those states. And when they give the right foods to the body, the body is the temple of everything, the soul.

So, once you take care of that, then all the other states become very easy, very fast. I have a lot of Scientologists who go through what is called auditing and they have to go through a metabolism test first. If they don't show good metabolism, they're not gonna retain and utilize the exercises to advance them spiritually and psychologically.

And I had one fellow who tried to get audited for seven years and he was unable to pass the metabolism test. Three months on the diet, passed the test.

This adds to the bodys normal communication, so everybody who is spiritual, who is religious, who is of another consciousness, trying to reach another state of consciousness, find it very easy on this diet.

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