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You have to understand the psychology of the medical profession, they're always going to blame some animal for everything. They're always going to blame some bacteria for everything. They're always going to blame something in nature for everything that goes wrong, but you have to understand that primitive man did not have diseases.

Still those who ate primitively and ate raw meat and raw dairy have no diseases. The only disfiguration that I've seen in any of those tribes is the Fulani, which eats 90 to 95% only milk, raw milk. They have splotchy skin, maybe they're related to the cows, you know, splotches, but that is the only deformity that I see about them, but they're so familiar with it It's a beauty to them. Not a deformity because there's no disease that's a result of it.


You can live off milk and be well?


No, not us, them. They were raised that way. If we were raised all raw, we wouldn't have the poisons to need excess meat and all of that. It's a fiction.

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