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People who eat lots of raw meat with, let's say a lube formula like Lucky here. I mean, when he first came to me, he was very, very skinny and he never didn't have any muscles at all in his body. He'd been on the diet about two years and he says, "Can I weight lift on this diet?" You didn't know I had that good of a memory, did you? 

He said, "Can I weight lift on this diet?" And I said, "Yeah, just eat a pound of meat and a lubrication formula". And for women that's the moisturizing formula after each meat meal, do that twice a day and you'll blow up, and they all accused him of taking steroids and all kinds of other protein powders. 

And he says, "No, I was just eating raw butter or raw eggs and raw meat". They wouldn't believe them, and look at him/ 

Well, maybe the women don't, but that's a gentleman who wants muscles. 

So, if you wanna pump up, you need the meat to do it if you want to get large. 

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