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Have you tried the sauces? There are so many sauces in the recipe book. Just a taste of it makes it easy to eat fish, even if it isn't marinated.

Marinating a little bit in lemon is fine. I wouldn't do it in lime all the time. Lime is antibacterial, lemon juice is fermentation. Helps ferment and break down the fish. And if you're going to do that, you just might rinse it off if you want get the excess lemon off.

Is it bothering your teeth or you notice a difference?




Well, you're just so thin. You have no extra fat.

[Attendee #2]

Why would it bother his teeth? Why would it affect the lemon?


Well, the lemon has a tendency to attach itself to minerals, a lot of minerals, and also it searches for fat.

The more fat it pulls, the more minerals go with the fat. The reverse of that is if you have too much cream, you can demineralize the system because the cream will start pulling minerals out of the body. Butter doesn't do that for some reason. Cream will, excessive cream.

[Attendee #2]

But the lemon and butter in the lube formula is fine though, in terms of pulling?


Yeah, that's fine. Won't do it. You can put too much lemon in, absolutely. And you'll have the same thing happen, but you know, I have that limit in there, but what I put in the book is the absolute maximum, you can always reduce it. You have a lemon problem.

So, my suggestion for you would be put on more weight, and try to use less lemon, try to use some of the other sauces.

Because there is a lot of good sauces in there that you could to eat the fish raw without marinating it in lemon.

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