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As far as having meat ground up, they put through two or three times. Why does that make it not as good? 


Okay. Like I said, the second book, when it goes through a high-pressure grinder, it causes the homogenization of the fat, which that means is it takes the fat molecule and breaks it up, then that molecule will absorb the protein. And guess what doesn't get digested properly, doesn't go to the liver properly. 

Doesn't get digested properly. So, it mainly turns into fuel instead of nutrients to regenerate and cause cells to divide, which means you become more alive.  

Cells don't have little babies, they divide within their whole cell, instantly they're mature, as far as size goes. So, they divide, that's how we multiply cells.  

So, when meat is ground under high pressure circumstances, it homogenizes the fat, the fat absorbs those homogenize, fractionated fat molecules, absorb the protein molecules and doesn't release it. So, the body can it as fuel or for detoxification, but not for regenerating, not for helping cells divide and multiply. 


And that also applies for chicken as well? 




So, we shouldn't buy the ground meat then from whole foods.  


No, if you want it ground, what you do is you get the chuck, you tell them to grind it, but only pass it through the grinder one time or so.  


They'll do that if you tell them?  


You're gonna lose a few ounces, it'll get stuck. 

[Attendee #2] 

They tell you call, and then they ask to call up in the morning when they're not busy.  


I just take mine. I'll get my steaks or whatever. If I want cheap meat, I'll get the top round, bottom round or chuck and cut it up and throw it in my food processor, and that grinds it up in seconds.  


Are there any ground meat in the stores that are acceptable? 


No. Well, not unacceptable for regenerating cells, for reproducing cells, but for detoxification and energy, ground is fine. 

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