lymphatic congestion






What do you know about marijuana?


Oh, I know a lot about marijuana.




I did it for two and a half years, every day. Marijuana has 16 times minimum tars that regular cigarettes do, so one joint is like smoking pack of cigarettes as far as tar goes.

And when you're smoking the tars are being heated from 750° - 1,232°, that crystallizes in the system: causes lymphatic congestion, it causes severe neurological congestion. So, not a good thing.

If you're going to take marijuana, you juice it, you get it green and fresh and you juice it and I wouldn't take over a teaspoon at a time and it takes the ptyalin enzyme to release the THC. So, you have to leave it in the mouth for as long as you can. You have to chew and chew and chew and leave it in the mouth for about 20 minutes to get the THC to release if you want to have a high.

That's a good high, because there's no monoxides in it and your high last for about three days without being unruly high.


What is it good for?


If you want to get rid of the tars from smoking marijuana, you have to take the juiced marijuana, you have put about, let's say you have four ounces of juiced marijuana, you put about two drops of vinegar in there, and two drops of lemon juice and you let it ferment. Then those tars will create bacteria that will go in and seek out the tars in your body that have crystallized from smoking marijuana and you take no more than a teaspoon a day about every four days.


If you don't do that will your body eventually detox some in the tar anyway or no?


Very little bit, that crystallizing with that high temperature, it takes a lot to help. That's still in body. If it goes to the brain and the tars go to the brain-

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You get memory loss.


Yeah. Well, that's mostly the carbon monoxide that cause the brain to shutdown.


Does that cause permanent damage?


If the tar get into the brain, it can cause a permanent damage.


So, it's only the tars?


Yeah. They crystallize, crystallized tars have an affinity toward the brain. And then can create strokes, seizures.


So, THC isn't part of those?


THC is locked in the tars and in the cellulose, so that's why you chew it a long time the ptyalin enzyme that's in our saliva will help break it and release it.


Will THC in itself cause harm?


Well, if it's cooked, yeah, it can, but not raw. Just becomes a psycho nutrient.

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