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Since you travel a lot in Thailand, I'm sure you must have heard of the food mango steam?


Yeah. Mm-hmm


Is that good? What's your feeling about that food? Cause there are some people selling it for the outer skin being very therapeutic.


If you can digest it. That skin is very complex, it's a complex cellulose. So, if you were a cow or a deer or a coat or a sheep, you'd be able to digest it, get a lot out of it. Unless you take that skin and you chew it for 30 minutes, then you might get some good benefit of it.

But these people who think that they are getting some benefit by just chewing the fruit and swallowing the skin, they're not gonna get much out of it a little bit. Maybe, a little bit, maybe 2%, 3%, but not a lot.


If they use that as an herb, they would boil the skin.


What happens when you boil the skin?

What happens in all foods? You have metals, you have trace metals: arsenic, lead mercury in every food that exists: in every leaf, in every skin that there is, bark, no matter what it is, stalk, root, you have those elements. You have iron, all these metals that are in every food. When you cook it, you break all the bonds and they all become free radicals.

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