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Would a serious health seeker on the diet have any reason to look into magnets that they sleep on? Or is there something to that?


Well, I experimented with magnetic therapy from 1989 to 1992 with Nikken magnets. Slept on their beds, I used their patches and pads. Wverything experimenting with them with probably about only 23 people consistently, 25 people agreed two, two didn't do it, you know, systematically to be able to follow it. But 23 people, I followed, I was one of those people and I found that if I used the bed for more than five hours a day, more than six weeks at a time, it did just the opposite, caused problems.

And then people who used it, after six weeks, they'd stop using it for maybe five to 10 weeks could use it again for maybe two or three weeks and you could do it on and off like that. But to put that mattress between your pads your mattresses in your bed is a chore.

Everybody is so lazy these days. Taking 20 more minutes out of your life to do those changes, it's easier just to leave something and deal with the ill consequences, because that's what I've seen. So, you have to use those very particularly, what they do is, now in the laboratory tests of Nikken and my tests, you have a polar opposite.

You have the positive and the negative side, and they're supposed to alternate in this pattern. But every one of the Nikken pads I've had, that I've tested, all had one side was magnetic, the other side's negative. That doesn't go anything with what their research says to do.

So, I took all of their magnets in the bed, I ripped them out, re-glued them in and they showed all the patterns in their tests were circular. In their bed, they're running perpendicular, parallel with your body. Same length with your body. You're lying on your bed, up and down.

So, I made mine into a circle, three circles, concentrated circles, and each one of 'em were alternating, worked a lot better, but still I was only able to use 'em for so many hours. It became better and more powerful in less time. But nobody makes them and produces them that way. Anybody wants to make a lot of money. They can do it that way, start producing these magnets, but the cost would be extraordinary.

They're already very expensive.


What were the benefits that you got though when you did it?


Well, what they do is I, I was gonna go into that. What they do is if you've got heavy metals bound and locked together in the body, they want the positive, and will start pulling positive protons out of the tissue, out of the electromagnetic fields. If you have a negative, it pulls its electrons out. So, what happens is if you're imbalanced proton or neutron wise, it'll supply the ones that are missing, get them moving in the body, circulating. Now for some people that can cause a lot of problems.

It's like getting a lot of heavy metals and toxins going and you don't have the proper nutrients in the body. If you're skinny, don't get near them. If you're go overweight, okay. Your body will have the fats right there to bind. So, if you're overweight, you can use magnets safely. If you're not overweight and thin use 'em for only 20 minutes, 15 minutes at a time.

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