Magnesium and Calcium Damaged From Cooking



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Like one of the highest concentrations of calcium and the magnesium is in meat. It's most assemilable.

Juice is okay in that area, but not as concentrated with meat, because for some reason, magnesium and calcium is better utilized in a concentration of fat that is animal based and protein. So, almost all of the minerals in meat, as long as the meat's not dehydrated or not cooked, 100% of the minerals can be utilized in cell tissue.

And when you're eating raw foods like raw meats, you need very little calcium. Once you heat a food, you cauterized the minerals. That's like taking clay, which is normally malleable. Once you fire it, it is pottery. You cannot grow mold in it or plants in it anymore. It is dead, and that's the same thing with happens when you cook food.

You cauterized the minerals, the calcium rate of absorption is like down to 12%, 10 to 12% can be somewhat properly utilized. That means a loss of 88% of the calcium from cooking the meat. So, all this calcium loss is not because the soils are deficient it's because we're damaging the nutrients before we put 'em into our body and we can't utilize them.

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