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In 1978, I had 16 fillings that were half mercury, the amalgams. There happened to be a dentist Jim Rota in Westwood. Very, very famous dentist. He drilled all of them out and did far more than I understood at the time that I wouldn't have let him do all that, but he just did my whole mouth. 

Took all my amalgams out of there. I had four hours of drilling one morning, four hours of drilling the next morning with no Novocain, no nothing. However, what I did do was I took a little magic mushroom, and I took just about a quarter of a teaspoon of it. Now let that dissolve, and sit in my mouth for about an hour, and it releases some pain relievers. 

So, it was very nice. You can do it with marijuana too, but the THC causes some people to be paranoid. So, if marijuana makes you paranoid, don't use marijuana. 

In its raw state it most often won't do that. Chew it and chew it. Remember you've got ptyalin enzyme inside of the mouth, that breaks down the cellulose and the sugars, and that releases the THC. 

When you swallow it, you're not gonna get much from it. So, it has to be in the mouth. The saliva will eventually break it down. But if you have a tendency toward paranoia, low blood pressure from marijuana, do not use that. 

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