Mad Cow Disease Caused By Government Testing

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By chemicals or those that are fed raw foods. 

So, the diseases that you know, like mad cow and mad deer disease. 

It's a fallacy. 

The military was going around doing chemical warfare testing in Wyoming, Utah, that entire area.

All through the 50s.

And of course, those chemicals work over time, each generation keeps collecting more and it damages the system.

Yet the deer don't get crazy, their systems don't dissolve like that.

They found the prions in them and said, "Oh, these are bad deer because we found the prion.".

But, the deers brains weren't disolving, they didn't have- like the humans have CJD, which means that the brain starts melting andturns into a sponge. 

It just dissolves and melts and the reason the cows have it is because they're injected with vaccines. 

They have mercury in them, thimerisol.

All vaccines, and these cows are getting injections every month. 

So that mercury starts collecting, and a lot of it in the brain and nervous system because mercury, especially liquid mercury has a propensity to go into the nervous system.

So, when it collects in these animals.

And the worst diets that they have if they're eating byproducts of food processing, which is not food at all. 

No life, no enzymes, no vitamins, nothing alive. They're eating this bad food an they're eating this mercury and there's nothing to prevent the mercury from dissolving the brain and nervous system. 

So that's why there's mad cow. 

It's not the prion that causes it, the prion is a result, not the fault.'


Now, wouldn't you have to argue that a little bit further because I mean the initial breakout was like in England, right? 

So, but I mean those practices have been going on in the United States for a long time, so how would you explain that? 


England's been vaccinating cows since the late 1800s, in this country it mainly started about 1950s.


So, you think it's a matter of longevity then?


Yes, there's actually documented evidence, you just have to find it on the internet.





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