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And brought machines and agricultural to them to put their more on grains and all the garbage that they didn't normally eat. Now they're eating lots of fruit, which they didn't eat much of, and so they get more emotional and many more problems. That's the Fulani tribe.

The Maasai tribe was 60% - 70% dairy, about 35% meat and a little bit of vegetables. It was against the law in the Maasai tribe to eat fruit cause they're the tallest skinniest tribe in the world, yet they're the fiercest strongest and best fighters in the world. The tallest guy is like 9 foot something, I've met several of them.

I hired one when I worked at [health food store] in the late seventies. He walked through the door, he couldn't walk through the door. He went under the door to come in, he was 7' 6''. So, we had all these plants hanging from the ceilings between the rows of food, and we used to have to have one of the workers there, one of the employees climb up on a ladder, take them down, take them back to the sink in the back and water them once a week. So, I hired him to take them down by hand, it was very easy. It became a one hour job, instead of an all day job, soit was very convenient.

Great guy. He played the creature, the alien in that Arnold Schwarzenegger picture.


You mean The Predator?


The predator. He played the predator in that. Of course, you couldn't see him.

So, they are now ruined. There's a drought over there for 6 years now, so the Masaai tribe, their wealth was based on cows. How much milk they could produce and how much meat they could produce to feed all the Masaai tribe. The 6 year drought now has destroyed 80% of their herds. So, they're now accepting care packages and you know what care packages are. Kelloggs reject stuff from their factories that they can sell to these-

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