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They used to give sulfur and they still do give sulfur drugs for people who have kidney infections, bladder infections, for edema. MSM, a lot of people are taking the supplement MSM. That's sulfur folks, sulfur dries out the body. They make matches with sulfur. You can get burns, you can burn your intestines, burn your whole body tissue, burn your brain because of that.

Sulfur. When a mineral, when it's in a food, the plant has taken that and made it into a nutritive substance. Once you isolate it, it is rock again, and it will do damage. Just like if you ate lye. If you ate cement, what would happen? It would just burn and eat into your intestines all the way through, you'd have severe diarrhea or vomit.

That is what concentrated minerals do. That's what plants eat, we don't. We eat minerals that is combined in a whole nutrient nutritive combination, a whole smorgasbord of nutrients. It isn't just minerals, isolated minerals. There's always a coupling of different vitamins of enzymes and fats, all coupled with every mineral.

So, when the body opens up and it tracks in a mineral, that's got 30 other nutrients along with it, minimum. So, the body gets like this. You have a smorgasbord of nutrients to eat.





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