MSM and Sulphur








What about MSM? 


MSM is a chemical. 


With the Sulphur? 


Yeah, what does Sulphur do in the body? It dries it out, that's why MSM works, it destroys nerve tissues, so you lose the symptoms. 

Not because you're curing anything because you're drying out the nerves and they no longer have impulse. 

Yeah, that's a chemical way to do it, but still, that remember the no enzymes are active, unless the pancreas realigns them. So, in your raw fresh food, we have enzymes that are all easily disassembled and reassorted. So, what those enzyme supplements seem to do is kick ass on the pancreas to make it work cause the pancreas has to deal with all the enzymes. 

So, it isn't that it does it in a helpful way. Causes more toxicity. 

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