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So, the lymphatic system is the immune system. You hear about the phantom immune system that the medical profession talks about. It's phantom because it makes you stupid. They are already stupid. There is no phantom immune system. They talk about this antibody and that antibody and all this. It's all the lymphatic system, which includes the white blood cells.

White blood cells are identical to how the lymphatic system operates. Those are phagocytes that eat up toxins. Your body uses fats to dissolve toxins and to isolate them and to neutralize them along with good alkalinizing minerals.

Then dissolving, your body may use arsenic and the very toxic substances when they're above trace level, but they may use it in a solvent to dissolve toxic matter that's too toxic for bacteria, parasites, or fungus to eat. Those are our normal detoxifiers.

Now, that's not an immune thing. That is natural process of decomposition and recycling. So, don't fall for this immune system stuff. It'll make you crazy and put you in fear, and then you go take their killing drugs, like antibiotics. It's an insane practice.

These are very bright minds that are made stupid.


We can use our own heavy metals in our body to detoxify?


Yeah. We can use them in making solvents.


And is that why sometimes when you detox you get rid of more metals. It's also metal poisoning at the same time cause sometimes you can taste it.


Yeah. If it's a flu, if it's a cold, that's mainly bacteria, but if you have a flu, you're going to use toxic compounds to help dissolve tissue really.


Whatever you got available *laughs*.




They always tell you that these antibodies like attach themselves to bacteria or viruses? Is that completely false?


Well, you have to understand that you've got attachments that take place, unnatural attachments all the time, especially when you're eating cooked food and toxic food. Let's say, when you cook a starch, now normally everything is combined in a healthful unit even if we can't digest it, there's a healthful, non-toxic unit to it. Once it's cooked starches fractionate, fats fractionate, proteins fractionate and then they have an affinity to clump together, certain pairs and certain communities will bind together and none of them are alive. None of them are active.

It's just a reaction. Like magnets are not alive, but they will attract certain metallic minerasl and attach to them and hang on to them. Well, all of your minerals have a electromagnetic field, so they will attract certain substances.

The medical profession, the pharmaceutical house is a big one that's responsible for all this research. They identify that as, "Oh, this is what's happening. That's what's happening". They give you a false impression of what. If they said, the truth of it is if you eat raw foods, you wouldn't have all your problems, don't take any medications, and you wouldn't have most of your problems. If they said that they wouldn't be in business, but they don't say that, and that's exactly the truth.


So, we shouldn't be eating cookes starches.


Uh, you need to read my books more thoroughly. I talk about it in the books rather extensively.


So, the purpose of antibodies isn't really to go after bacteria or viruses, like what you said before, they really go after the toxins.

Do I understand that right?


Well, they go after waste products and toxins that may form from the waste products if the body's not removing them properly. But mostly it's because industrial toxin, you've got 60,000 chemicals that are now used in food and that's supposed to be safe, a shelf life of a hundred years on a cereal.


If it doesn't decompose in the box, it's not gonna decompose in me. It's a no-brainer.

So, you have to understand that doctors, even though they talk all this chemistry, are really stupid. And you have to understand, they are stupid. And there's no niceness about it, they are stupid. They are leading people to hurt themselves out of bullshit chemistry.

But see if they just take the time and stop trying to make 20 grand a day or 60 or 80 grand a day with surgeries, if they just take the time to observe what they're doing they would learn, but they're so interested in making money.


I mean, if they repeat this across the nation, hundreds of thousands of times a year, and with the same results and they can't see that.


Yeah. It's absurd, but you have to take a look at it. For every cancer patient they make about $280,000, big business. Let the cancer come on. They want cancer.


They did it with my mom in 1965 and they're still doing the same thing.


They did it to me in 68, and back then it cost 160 grand for me to go through all their crap and I've made them eat 80 grand.

They took me 80 grand of my money.





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