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For someone who has lung tumor and inflammation in the lymphatic system, what would you recommend for the cleansing.


Inflammation of the lymphatic system is the cleansing. Remember your lymph system is the cleanser of the body. It cleans out all debris, all waste, all dead cells. It takes it into the system, either through the nodes or the glands. That's where it does the work. They'll set out serums like viruses, solvents to dissolve that tissue. Then they also utilize nutrients from the lacteal system to neutralize those compounds. Then it dumps it into connective system, then you perspire it out the skin, or it will dump it into the mucus membranes like in the intestinal tract to flush it out there.

But most of it goes out through the skin. You take hot baths every day, 35, 40 minutes a day. If you actually have lymphatic congestion, you look the book, We Want To Live under lymphatic congestion and do the lymphatic baths.

And that's doing one to two baths a week that lasts an hour to an hour and a half.

There's a pineapple formula in there that you take for that particular kind of bath. Not for the short 35, 40 minute baths, but for the hour to an hour and a half bath, you need that pineapple, coconut formula in there to help move it.

So, your lymph system is doing its job, and remember your lymph system will contain more concentrations of cancer than anywhere else in the body. If you plug one of your lymph glands and you're over the age of 38 years old, 80% of the time, you're gonna be diagnosed with lymphatic cancer and you don't have lymphatic cancer. Your lymph glands are doing a job.

If you've got a lymph gland or node that is hard as rock, you've got cancer in that gland. If it's as hard as rubber, it is not cancer. If it's movable, it is not cancer. It's doing its job. It's dissolving cancer cells from somewhere else in the body and all these women get these lumpectomies and they're risking their lives because if they don't have the lymphs to break down all of that dead tissue in the cancer cells, they're gonna grow tumors like crazy.

So, all these women getting mastectomies and lumpectomies are just ensuring that they're gonna get cancer in their life and they're gonna die from it because they have no way of cleansing. Hmm. No lymph system.


Can coffee enemas actually aggravate?


Oh, coffee enemas will cause cancer. Three, four years, five years down the line, unless you keep doing them for the rest of your life, then you poison the body to the point where it says, Hey, screw it. Then when you get old, you're gonna be one of those people that walks around with few cells alive because you contain all the dead cells in the body and they can't be dissolved out of the system.

So, it's all depends on what kind of a life you want. So, you can make your choices. So, you can do coffee enemas and end up an old person like that, a stiff robot with very little functionality at all. Or you can not do them and let the lymph system eat properly, let the lymph system do its job, but anybody who has cancer needs to get very fat, that's very important to dissolve and feed that lymphatic system.

Yo not dissolve the lymphatic system, for the lymphatic system to get the fats that they need to dissolve the dead cells. So, any patient of mine who has cancer, if they don't get fat, I know they're not going to last. 9/10 people who've died and only 5% die utilizing this diet with cancer, only 5% die.

9/10 of those would not gain the weight. They'd stay thin like you, they didn't make it.





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