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Regarding lymphatic baths that you have me on every three to four days. If like today, the afternoon was precluded, is it better to take that- 


The next day. 


Not tonight, but the next day.  


Not unless you are working and you can't do it the next day. 

But it's always better to do it in the afternoon. If you look in the We Want To Live, the new primal diet version under lymphatic congestion, you'll read about lymphatic baths and taking the lymphatic baths. I always suggest that it be done in the afternoon, so it doesn't disturb sleep at night. 

And what the idea of that all of the cooked oils that you had, the Crisco, the margarine, all that garbage you were fed as a child hardens in the body, locks the lymphatic system. It takes the body's temperature, 101.6° and higher to 105° to melt that, to be able to make it liquid, to move it and get it out of the system again. 

And I suggest that people do that at a certain time of the day, so they don't disrupt their sleep patterns. And that's sometime in the afternoon, not in the evening. 


But with my bath, it's different because you said anytime I have to take it cause it doesn't disrupt my sleep.  


That's not the lymphatic bath. 

Lymphatic baths run from hour to an hour and a half, staying at a hot temperature from 60 to 90 minutes, it's a long time and a hot bath. You come out like a wet noodle and then you have to take a 45-minute walk 10 minutes after that, bundled up and hot, but it's a slow walk. 

You could walk like this, I don't care. I don't care what you look like.  


I don't think I can do that. Has anyone ever physically done that?  


Well, yeah. I have a 72-year-old man who had prostate cancer and was basically on his way out, and for doing that for three months, he's a new man. 

He's pleasing his 40-year-old wife.  


What was temperature? 105°? 


101.6° to 105°, it's all in the book. Tells you how to do it, what to eat with it and everything.  


If you're already detoxing a lot, would you still do that or would it be better to wait till you're not? 


Wait till you're not detoxifying something else, unless the lymphatic system is the thing that's detoxifying, you can help it. 





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