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To get that stuff liquid again. So, you can get it moving out of the lymph system. Because the lymph system is responsible for cleaning the body. And if the lymph system isn't moving, our arteries, heart congestion is going to keep collecting.


Would lymph massage help?


No, lymph massage is the worst thing you can do. Lymph massage is a deep tissue massage. They go down, crack your veins in your circulatory system, your nerves and your lymph system. Rolfing is the worst, but any kind of deep tissue massage that isn't gradual. If they're going to go deep, they have to start lightly and move in slowly.

So, they're not ripping and breaking things. I suggest that you do just the tickle therapy. If you take your hand and you go over your hair, you'll get a tingling, do it to each other. So over here, hair, on your arm said, hope tingled goes through your entire body. What more stimulation could you want that? When I have a massage, that's what I have them do.

I have him do my entire body tickle therapy. You barely touch my skin. You just go over like that entire body. And it generates everything. The therapist when they're finished with me, they're more red than I am because they're getting all this energy from me as well.

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