Lymph Baths On Weight Loss and Only If Overweight

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I don't suggest you do these lymphatic baths on the weight loss. As long as you have the weight. You have enough weight, you can do it.


But I'm on the weight loss.


That's probably okay. With the amount of weight that you have, it's probably fine.

I don't suggest anybody do long, hot baths, unless you are at least 15 to 20 pounds overweight.


When I was on cooked food, before I ever found this diet, I would be able to sit in a hot tub forever and be fine.


But you dried out like crazy.


I know, well I didn't know, but now I can't even do that. I don't have all that cooked fat in my body here.


You don't have enough weight. You're not fat enough anymore.


You don't see me in the winter. I don't want it in the summer. I want be in a bathing suit.


That's fine. Summer's the time to be thinner. Well, I'm on a thin side, I'm only a 35 waist. I got two more inches to go get up to 37. When I'm in Asia and I go without a lot of milk, I go down to 30 inch waist.





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