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lyme disease









Let's say he got stuck by a nail, they would've blamed it on the nail. They would blame it on anything other than what's in the body causing the problem. 

Think about it. A tick bites you. You you've got all kinds of red, white blood cells there attacking any kind of foreign substance. That's what the little redness is and the blister and all the pus, 95% white blood cells. Whatever contamination, 95% of that has been decontamination by those white blood cells. 

What the hell's going to get over and take over a body in a few weeks from one bite of an animal give me a break. The science is there, don't be stupid.  


Well, what is malaria?  


Malaria is a body dumping from the liver, and usually the pancreas into the bloodstream.  


Has nothing to do with the bugs? 


No. That can add to the detoxification. 


When they kill all of the mosquitos, they claim there's less malaria.  


They always claim shit like that. Remember when they claimed less Polio? When the Polio vaccine came out, the graft on Polio was way down at the bottom. 1958 when they told you to take it, guess what shot up? All the way up here, that quickly in one year. 


But the idea of the Explorer going into the rain forests on Africa and getting malaria, that's just what happens when we have a detoxification. 


Yeah, that's a detoxification causing liver and pancreatic detoxification. 

It's the climate, the body's not used to that high heat, the moisture, the bacteria naturally being able to grow and, and thriving. We're here in pollution. We inhale this antibiotic every day of pollution. 

We eat this pollution. It poisons the body. The bacteria can't work. We can never detox. Then you go down into a jungle where there's clean air and there's moisture and there's oxygen, and everything's alive. All of a sudden, the body's gonna start cleaning itself because you look when you don't go through that shit. 

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