Lung Infection - Eat Eggs, Fibrosis











Well, you have to understand, the infection is a good thing. Whether it's bacterial, viral, or parasitical, they are there to break down the toxic tissue and remove it so the body can get rid of the waste product and rebuild it to new.

So, infection is always important. You just need to supply the body with the proper nutrients to make sure that the detoxification happens properly and that the nutrients are delivered so that the regeneration of the healing can occur.

And if you've got a lung problem, eggs are the key.

Lots of eggs.

In fibrosis, that means the body is not tearing down the toxic tissue. The dead cells, it's mummifying them. So, they're hardening and getting thicker and thicker. You can't absorb oxygen in tissue like that and his lungs are turning into fibrosis.

He's not gonna live very long, unless he does the diet where he can get high bacteria, where he can have a lot of infection to break it down.

Stopping the infection just allows the fibrosis to get worse, quicker. Eggs, lots of eggs. Eggs and eggs.

Well, how big is the person?

175 pounds, 5' 10''.

So, you should be eating about 40 eggs a day. 40 - 45 eggs a day. And honey and butter if he'll take it.


How much time?


Well, that should get him to a point where he can eat better maybe it is about three months.

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