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When you gave me the diet, you said any of the foods that you told me to eat, I could eat more if I wanted to, but specifically on the moisturizing/lubricating formula. If you like it with more coconut cream, can you add more or should you keep it the way that you do?


You do not want to add more coconut treatment than I suggest because then you're gonna detox more, you're gonna go into diarrhea, you're gonna have a lot of other problems. Coconut cream is mainly for cleansing the body. Any kind of fruit or vegetable oil is cleansing, 90% cleansing. So, no, you could add other fats. You could add dairy cream to it, you could add more eggs, more honey. Fine. Just not more coconut cream.

I always push everybody's limits with the coconut cream. So, please don't add more than I've suggested. That's the one thing I asked you not to change. You could have less, but not more.


What about washing with it?


Washing, you can wash as much, as often as you like, that doesn't bother. When I'm in Thailand, it cost $8 an hour for massage and it cost me $0.80 a liter for coconut cream. So, instead of sleeping a normal 5 hours, like I do 4 to 5 hours. Sometimes I'll only sleep 3.5 hours, but I'll go take my naps during my massages. So, I will have coconut cream massaged in to me sometimes 4 hours a day while I sleep.

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