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So about three or four years ago, I started getting like, can I ask personal health questions? 


Yeah, as long as it's something I can answer. 


I started getting a pain in my lower back right above the sacrum on the right side, and it also goes into the front, and it actually made me like numb and limp on the right side of my body, and it goes all the way up my spine and causes my shoulder to be like this and it kind of like starts there and goes up there, makes me kind of limp and stuff on my right side. 

And I just wondering if you had any idea what it was and maybe it's an intestine thing  


Well, if it were kidney related, you'd turn a little gaunt, and your urine would probably be a little stronger and even burn. So, did those symptoms start at the same time? 




Then you've probably just got a pinched nerve. The vertebras sit on top of each other like this and there's gaps on either side. If they go out of place, they squeeze those nerves and that causes the information from the brain not to get to the kidney or back from the kidney and the intestines because it goes all around the organs from the spine, it goes back to the brain. So, if that transmission of information gets blocked going both ways, you've got some serious problem, even numbness and you're crippled. Paralyzing type reaction.  

So, in order to keep those aligned properly, you need to heat the system. 

It's good to get into a hot bath that's at least 103°. Sit in there for a half hour - 45 minutes. Then get into the plow when you get out. Everybody know the yoga AND the plow? So, you get on your back and you bring your butt up into the air and put your knees down here or over your head, so your feet are touching the floor above your head. So ,you stretch the entire back and you wanna hold that position for as long as you can, but you don't want to do it until your back is relaxed enough from the hot bath.  

That way, when you stretch everything, it will stay loose. If you do it while you're cold and not relaxed, you're already tense and tight, and those vertebrates are being held out of place.  

So, if you put it back in place by doing the plow within a few movements, you're gonna go out again, cause it's gonna twist out cause those muscles are contracting and you're gonna pull it right back out. But if you've relaxed it, and then you get into the plow or go for a chiropractic adjustment when they pull you back out or you go into that stretch, everything gets stretched out and it goes back into its particular place and all the muscles will be relaxing and less out of place, until you get tense again or get cold. 

And that could be a day and a half, two days or five hours depend about how cold you get. Get cold again and go out of place, you're gonna have to put the hot water bottles along your back or get into the bath again. 

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