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Now, the weight loss program in the book says little golf ball sizes of meat throughout the day to lose the weight slowly, gradually. If you are very large, which nobody here is.


John Reis.


John res is not very large. Nobody's too fat here. You can eat eggs to lose weight quickly lots of eggs without doing the meat, but you'll always reduce the size of your liver and everything and your pancreas if you don't eat the meat and you're just eating eggs. So, it's good to eat the small amounts of meat like I suggest in the weight loss program in the book,

You have just a little bit of cheese, like a sugar cube size amount of cheese with a tablespoon of moisturizing/lubrication formula. A lot of you know, or most of you know that for men, it's the lubrication formula, for women it's the moisturizing formula. It's the same thing.


Do you do that seven days a week? What you just said?


It's a good idea. And then once you build up, like do a heavy meat meal in the evening, like at least half of a pound, when you're getting back out of the weight loss program. Now some people, they don't have any trouble with an energy level once they go back to the regular diet, some people do have trouble.

So, it's up to you and what your system. Just remember this diet always fluctuates as per your particular physiology. You have to adjust it according to what's happening in your body, and you do that by looking at the symptoms, you look in the We Want To Live book and see what symptoms you have and you do the things that I suggest in there.

So, you alter your diet accordingly, the different fruits that you have according to symptoms will change.

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