Living On Fish - Need More Fat, A1 Milk not As Good




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Asians on the Philippine Islands live just on fish and they don't eat a lot of it. Maybe a pound a day, and they're built and their stocky, but I just can't survive on it. I have to go find big fat strips of meat hanging, and I'll buy a whole five pounds of it and I'll eat two pounds a day if I don't have my butter.

If I have my butter I can have a stick a day, half a stick a day and do okay, but when I don't, I have to have a tremendous amount of fat. But when I had that milk, it wasn't quite nourishing. It didn't take care of it like the A2 milk does and it was repeated, I did it three times with the same milk from the same cows, the Holsteins from New Zealand and it was that way each time. And as soon as I went to a place with jerseys or other A2 cows it was perfectly fine.


Even in that climate?


Even in that climate.


Okay. I was just gonna say you think it was just more of a climate, like what you were talking about earlier with how it's sort of naturally homogenized and all that kind of stuff.

But I mean clearly there's plenty of Holstein cows in the states that people have consumed raw milk on and improved their health.


Definitely. But I can tell it isn't as good.


Do you think it's just simply the jersey cow is so much richer and fattier and that's kind of where it is?


I think that's probably it.


More so than the whole A1, A2 micromanagement. Just the Jersey cows really fat milk and the holstein lean?


No, I've had Holstein milk before, but not in that climate, so I don't know for sure.

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