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One more thing on my question about the food shortage, cuz I've heard you have like a crossbow. Would it be realistic for city people like us to like us, like if all you get is canned stuff, could we live off the land to some degree?

Like there's books on how to pick out edible plants.


Yeah. But you're not gonna do very well if you want a lot of energy on that. People in Asia and third world countries who don't have meat, in Africa, they're just killing everything, monkeys and everything.

And it's like that every country where you've overhunted and there's not much species left, except for insects. I mean, in China and all of Asia, they raise insects, big cockroach this big that they eat, scorpions, they eat everything of nature that has animal tissue to it.


Your women are used to eating cockroaches anyway, cockroach guts, that's what all lipstick used to be made of up until 15 years ago.

Because it's hard to get meat, everything's getting lower, lower, the fish. We don't have the creatures we used to have, so you have to go to whatever's available. So, a lot of people are going to insects, but the cockroach has whites gut in it, it was the only thing that would adhere to skin. So, if you saw the lipstick factories, they had miles of trays upon trays, one top the other raising roaches.

So, they would kill somewhere around 60 million cockroaches a year for their fluid, and then they put dyes in it to make it color. That's what lipstick was made of, that was 60 to 70% of the ingredients of lipstick. Now it's all chemical.


We were better off with the roaches.



But I was just saying you've already had a head start. Anyway, there's lots of things, I shoot by gophers and eat them.




Yeah, eat my plants.


Would you eat a possum?


Yeah, I'd eat possum. I ate a raccoon. I don't have a problem as long as the animals healthy.

If you want to really have a lot of meat, you want to have a factory, raise crocodiles or alligators for meat.

I've got a friend in the Thailand who's got a crocodile farm and she started off buying 3000 babies and she built these rock about the size of this room here and she puts a couple of hundred in each one, and then she has a chicken farm and she takes the chickens and feeds that to the crocodiles. So, she gets to sell the skin for boots and belts and stuff like that, purses. Plus the meat she sells to the restaurants because they eat alligator and crocodile.

Out of all of my search through Asia for the most easiest farming to do are the crocodiles and chickens. Easiest to farm.





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