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What I was going to ask earlier about the honey and the saliva that I've been using it on my skin. I've noticed my wrinkles are getting softer, and what about these brown spots that appear on my cheek bones? I'm wondering if that's beneficial for anything or if honey and saliva are supposed to remove those.


Well, I found that coconut cream removes them. Honey and saliva may, I haven't researched that.

So, when you have round spots that occur like that, especially in elderly people, you have to understand that the when the body hits mid fifties, late fifties, it's the same thing as going to teenage age. You've got a whole shift that's happening and in that shift, there's a lot of detoxification of the liver, gallbladders, spleen, and pancreas.

Those are very dark cells, and if those cells don't create prostaglandins or hormones anymore, then the body will throw 'em off into the skin if they're still alive, because they're cells that can act as skin, but they aren't beneficial in those glands. So, the body will build them onto the surface in your skin and you have what they call liver spots, but it isn't only liver, it can be gallbladder, spleen, and pancreas too.

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